Night Life
(Recalled by Claudia Colmer)

Nobody travelled very much immediately after the war. Not only was it an exciting prospect but a real eye opener for girls like Claudia Colmer, who had led a very sheltered life.

"We worked in a place called "The Lido" which was an up market nightclub and a lot of the German film stars used to go there. We used to finish around 4am in the morning, which is quite early because the rest of the nightclubs used to go on all night. We'd go out for a meal or something and then on to clubs where there were women wrestling in the mud and things that I'd never really seen before.

From being an only child of very old parents, with no brothers, and going to a girls school and never being allowed out, I was now out in this big wide world - I really didn't know what was going on.

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