On the Film Set
(From Inge Wannell)


When the band had a nightclub scene in a film called "The Man Inside" we had
to be at the film studios at the crack of dawn.

The make-up team "whitened" Ivy's teeth so that they shone like a beacon
and reflected the set lights. The hoi polloi (i.e. the rest of the band) had no such favours.

The female star was Anita Eckberg. A pain in the beeee-hind. If she didn't
like the way her hair turned out, the hairdressers had to wash it and start from scratch again.

We just had to sit and wait for hours, and hours, and hours. Conceited selfish moo!
As for our bit, if you're watching the film and glance down to rummage
around in your bag of popcorn - you've missed us.

Life is so unfair.

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