Playing Jazz
(Recalled by Crissy Lee)

When drummer Paula Pike left Ivy took on a young Salvation Army drummer Crissy Lee who also did a few seasons on the Isle of Man and now fronts her own girl band.

"We sneaked out one night - Joan stuffed her clarinet up her coat arm and I did the same with my drum sticks and we both walked out with stiff arms. Kenny Ball and Chris Barber were appearing on the Isle of Man and we went in and blew a bit. It got back to Ivy that we'd sat in and did really well and thought it was really great as we wanted to play jazz but she was against that. We were in the Villa Marina Gardens the next day. It was quite a large band because we had violins, cello and lots of singers, playing anything from "Poet and Peasant" to "Rock Around The Clock" and "Living Doll". Ivy suddenly decides to fling this clarinet part of Gilbert and Sullivan and flings it at Joan purely because Joan had the nerve to go out and play Jazz. Then Ivy snatched it away from her and said 'I'll play it shall I? And that's what you can do with your jazz".

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