Playing in the East
(Recalled by Ann Chalice and Jasmin Barclay)

Pianist Ann Chalice and trombonist Jasmin Barclay who joined the band in 1959 and 1965 respectively, made several trips through to the eastern sector. "Actually it took a while to get through the check points as they had to look through everything - they took all our postcards off us and magazines and anything they didn't want the east German people to see. We weren't allowed to play anything too exciting to excite the audience but Ivy insisted she had to get Glen Miller in and they did agree to that. But generally it was "Moonlight Serenade". They did allow us to play "In The Mood" - that was about as boisterous as it got."

"We were actually paid in East German Marks which were absolutely useless, so when we were approaching our last day, Ivy collared me and took me into an antique shop. I've never been in an antique shop in my life before and we both spent all the German Marks we had."

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