Reg Connelly romance
(Recalled by various friends & colleagues)

Ivy Benson's story might have taken a very different course if it hadn't been for that first fateful meeting in Bridlington in the 30's with songwriter and music publisher, Reg Connelly.

From that moment, he guided Ivy along the path of stardom with his knowledge of the music business and the people who worked in it. He took her to America where she met the Dorsey's and Benny Goodman - indeed she could have taken her band to Las Vegas if it hadn't been for the musicians union stopping the exchange of bands across the Atlantic.

Reg Connelly was married with a handicapped son, so there was no way he could have left his wife to marry Ivy.

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Cliff Adams, June O'Hara, Robey Buckley, Edna Wayne and Joyce Clarke remembered the man who shaped Ivy's career.

"I think most people knew about it. It was conducted in a very discreet way by both of them and was the best kept secret that everybody knew."

"I did ask her one time about it and she said "Yes, we don't talk about it"

"No, she never talked about Reg Connelly. I only ever knew was that he was always there."

"He flitted in one time and flitted out with Ivy, wearing her Mink that he'd given her and her Diamonds."

"He did love Ivy. I think he was responsible for her learning so much."