Salami - Pheeew!!
(From Nina Dellamura - February 2006)


We were on our way to Ramstein (again) and as we had quite a long ride on the
band bus before boarding the ferry to France (or was it Holland this time),
all of us girls decided we would take sandwiches and a drink with us.

A couple of hours into the ride, we decided it was time to eat.
Now I should explain that Inge (Wannell) was born and raised in Austria, and my Dad was Italian,
and my Mum was Jewish, which probably accounts for our taste in food.

Anyway, Inge had told me there was a store near where she lived that had good
crusty bread and VERY good salami, so she brought that along, and
I brought some butter and drinks. We fixed our salami sandwiches, and at first all was well.

Then one by one the other girls started to complain about the horrible smell in the bus - (Garlic).
Finally, they tracked the smell down to Inge and I. We were told in no uncertain
terms to get rid of the smelly food we had. (That is a polite way of saying it.)
We were allowed to finish our sandwich, but sadly for Inge and I we had to throw the remainder
of the salami out of the window.

What a waste of good salami, but now I laugh when I remember how bad the bus smelled for the rest of the trip.

Fortunately for me, my husband does like garlic, although sometimes he says I am a little bit heavy on it.

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