Starting out in London.
(Recounted by Elsie Ford)
Ivy got a job in a club opposite the Windmill Theatre, where she was spotted by Teddy Joyce who fronted an all girl band known as the Girlfriends; they were about to embark on tour with the show "Radio Rodeo".

He booked Ivy as his lead Alto. The bass player in the Girlfriends was Elsie Ford and she was there the night former band leader and impresario, Jack Hilton came into see the show.

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Jack Hilton suddenly suggested to Ivy that she took a band out of her own. How did she feel about that? She said "I'd better find out if the girls will come with me. Twelve of them said yes, they would - that was the band that went into the show called "Meet The Girls" which included popular northern comedienne, Hilda Baker.

What Teddy Joyce had to say about losing twelve of his band at a stroke is not recorded, but can easily be imagined!