"Tabu" in the BOQ's
(From Jean Smith - January 2006)

We all loved our tours at the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany because we were
issued PX(Post Exchange) cards, which meant we could shop at the store located on the Base.
This was a big treat as we could purchase a carton of 200 cigarettes for about $5.00,
back in the 50's. Plus clothing, gifts and perfume much cheaper than we could buy it in England.

One of the girls, I don't remember who, bought a large bottle of "Tabu" perfume,
a very potent scent. Unfortunately, she dropped and broke the bottle on the
stairs of the BOQ's (Batchelor Officer Quarters) where we were living. Needless to say, the
odor permeated throughout the whole area for several days.

I'm not sure what the rest of the residents thought. But we had a good laugh about it.

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