Television Show - September 1959
(Recalled by Pat Gentles Feb 2004)

When we got back to London we were slated to do a T.V. show at the end of September 1959 on the ITV4 Independent television channel. We arrived in the studios late in the afternoon for the evening T.V. show. We, who would be at the microphone as compared to the girls in the band, were told exactly where to stand and given all our instructions. This was live television and as usual we were told to keep cool and carry on no matter what may happen - but of course nothing was expected to go wrong .

We were all made up, very heavy make up, heavier even than the what we used for the stage. When I saw myself I couldn't believe how good they had made me book. I kept that make up on for three days.

The show went off well and as soon as my part was finished I rushed to a phone to call mum and see how it looked. She was ecstatic. It must have been a wonderful experience for her seeing her daughter on television. After the TV show we went to the Dorchester Hotel in London and played in the ballroom there for dancing and a half-hour Cabaret show where I did my Scottish routine. It was a great experience to see all the people dancing past us dripping in real diamonds and designer dresses. A cute aside to this story is, in my haste to get everything right for the television show I'd forgotten to pack a show dress to wear for the Dancing. I told Ivy and she said borrow one of mine and she brought out a black dress covered in hundreds of beads, it was lovely. So I wore Ivy's dress at the Dorchester.

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