The Accident
(From Nina Dellamura - February 2006)


We were supposed to leave Ramstein N.C.O. club at 6 pm, but needless to say the bus was late. So, we were able to spend another teary eyed 30 minutes with our mostly rich??? boy friends. We finally left around 6:45 pm,
having had far too many soda's and too much coffee before we started the long trip to the ship
(someplace in France, I think) that would take us back to England.

After a couple of hours we had to stop for "trees". Usually, I was the first one out of the bus, (I think I was still in deep thought about leaving behind my gorgeous staff sergeant), and this time, poor Inge was the first off the bus. It was cold, damp, and of course pitch black. Inge ( Wannell ) went running into the woods, but unknown to her (or the rest of us) there was a small wire (about 6 inches off the ground) running round the grass.

As Inge rushed into the woods she tripped over the wire, and went flat on her face. After a few choice words ( from Inge ) we helped her up, and visited the woods, and helped her get back in the bus. Poor Inge had done a good job on her ankle, it was a mess, and of course very painful. We stopped at the nearest village, and found the local hospital, and took Inge in to get something done to the ankle. They did clean it for her, and I think put in a few stitches. But, poor Inge was in a lot of pain the rest of the way back to London.

After we got home, Inge went to see a Doctor friend of ours, who, according to Inge, really botched the ankle up worse than ever. But, the ankle finally healed, and all was well. I must ask her if she still has the scar. But, I can tell you, that after that trip, when we stopped for "trees" we were a little more careful to try and look where we were walking.


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