Off to the Pub
(Recalled by Elsie Ford)


"We'd finished our work by 7.30pm and so we all gathered together and went to a pub just down the road from the stage door, called "The Grapes". I was not a heavy drinker then, but I soon was! - I was soon persuaded. I finished up usually ordering half a pint of light ale and in it we'd pour a neat gin.

Everybody would come in from the show and say 'Oh hello girls, what are you drinking? A gin, oh right then' and another one would be poured in; then somebody else would come in and another one would go in - and then another one and by the time we'd got half way down the pint it was very nearly neat gin! So you can imagine we used to roll home half sozzled with neat gin.

Those were my drinking days, but I wasn't really a drinker. If you didn't go you weren't really one of the group; you had to be one of them, you couldn't be a loner, so you had to do it. I couldn't do it now."

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