The Underground
(Recalled by Joyce Clarke)

"We used to go down to Oxford Circus tube station where there were crowds of people. The escalators were absolutely full of people with all their worldly belongings on their shoulders; the mattresses off a bed and everything else they could carry. They went down for safety and to sleep on the platforms. But there were so many accidents down there due to the crowds. When we got down there we had to stride over all these people asleep on the platforms and get on the train to get home. It was a terrible time but we got through it somehow."

Joyce Clarke remembered the war. " I remember playing at the London Palladium. It was a dream and wildly exciting ; we were all thrilled; that stage was enormous, it was the biggest stage I'd ever been on in my life, and to stand there in the centre, singing, was really something. There were many times when there were bombings and we had to shelter in the Underground Tube stations and often couldn't get out or get home from the theatre. It is awful to say, because it was the war, but it was the most tremendous atmosphere. Everybody was friendly, everybody was joking and we were having just a great time.

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