International Timeline
Ivy Bensons Timeline
"Battle of Britain"

February, the new band toured with "Meet the Girls" revue.
Summer 1940, signed with Mecca to play English/Scottish Dance Halls.

America builds the Sherman tank
Germany builds the Messerschmitt ME262
Band appeared in Variety, booked by Jack Hylton.
Italy joins the Allies

Ivy's "Ladies Dance Orchestra" became one of BBC Radios contract bands. January - moved HQ to Bristol. Returned to London in October making her first records for EMI at Abbey Road studios.Did 22 weeks at the Palladium with Max Miller.
Ivy plays the "Jazz Jamboree" at the Stoll Theatre, Kingsway, London (October).

D Day Invasion of Europe
Band plays 6 months at London Palladium. Then a provincial tour of Theatres inc Belle Vue Ballroom, Mmanchester. Ivy collapses on stage- kidney problems
Atomic Bomb dropped- WWII ends
July - First European tour to Berlin - to continue for next 3 years
Nurenberg trials start
Booking cancelled by Stoll theatres
First Rock & Roll song - Roy Brown with "Good rockin' tonight"
Berlin Airlift begins
Summer Seasons at Butlin holiday camps.
NATO established
Ivy married Caryll S. Clark at Filey Holiday Camp, on 11 October 1949 - he was the son of noted variety artists Billy Caryll & Hilda Monday. Bridegroom was a Stage producer for Butlins; Ivy met him at Butlins, Skegness, 1948.
Tour of Middle East - Egypt, Malta & Tripoli.
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