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  Did you know........    

... what the Bass Drumcase was used for?

Carrying the Bass Drum?......No!
A little light smuggling when coming home from
tours of Europe!

...when Ivy and the girls first went to Berlin, just after VE Day,
it was at the personal request of Field Marshall Montgomery - "Monty".
The all girl band was well known and he thought a visit
by them would be a great "pick me up" for his tired troops.

It was, and history has shown that the tours of the American
bases in Germany which followed, were some of the most
memorable entertainment attractions for the GI's in Europe.

....the Ivy Benson All Girl Band made the first TV
broadcast from Alexandra Palace, in London,
and also made the first colour TV test broadcast

..that Ivy's young ladies cost 200 each !

To take young people - under 16 - out of this country into Europe,
it was necessary to have a responsible adult to "chaperone" them.
A certificate was required from Bow Street Magistrates
court for each one - cost to Ivy of 200 each !

If she returned them to the UK she got her money back!