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Playing at Konigshof, Stuttgart, West Germany. The band played here for many
years, one or two month periods. They played seven sessions a week,
every evening and a couple of hours on Sunday mornings. People used to come in
from Church and enjoy the music and have lunch. It was a massive place
and ran from 1966 to the late1970's when it changed to a disco.

The Ivy Benson All Girls Band spanned a period of some 40 years, from 1939,
with her first 9 piece "Rhythm Girls" until the final gig at the London Savoy
in 1982 with the "Ivy Benson Showband".

This website is a salute to the band, and is aimed at stirring the memories
of those dance band days - the musicians who played in it, and those
who were involved in any way, not forgetting the "Fans" who spent
many happy hours dancing to Ivy and her "Girls" - the tours of American
bases, the Summer Seasons -

there's a lot of entertaining and amusing stories out there!

This band, in its various guises, was a UK one-off lasting over 40 years and having in excess of 250 girls playing in it; it was a unique entertainment phenomenon and we hope you enjoy this website and the record of its history.

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Jasmine Barclay - Trombone (c1965)

Trumpet Section (c1950)

Jean Fox - Alto (c1965)

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