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marches and music like that all the way through. I can remember going home to the digs and I couldn't cut the bread with the bread knife; my right hand was so tired it couldn't do it.

In one of the acts in this circus they had a lion, which they used to drag out in his cage. There was a metal ring in the middle and they'd fasten his chain to that, and when he was secured, they would open the cage and he could go out. The girl who did an act with this lion was dressed in a white suit and black boots, very smart. The lion would lie down in the middle of the circus ring and she would open his mouth and put her head in it. He was doped up to the eyeballs of course - he must have been, to let her do things like that.

When there was a matinee, all the kids came in, there were thousands of children in there, and they cheered and cheered when she put her head in the lion's mouth. Then someone would say 'Now, would anybody in the audience like to come and wrestle with the lion?' and of course a stooge, dressed in a khaki uniform, came running down the aisle, jumped into the ring and said 'Yes, I would like to wrestle with the lion.' The lion used to look round at him as if to say 'Oh no, what's this coming in?'