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vaccinated as a child, but they vaccinated me and that was all right. We all worked right through the inoculations. We were told that somebody might just fall down and they wouldn't be fit to play at night, but none of the girls did; we never missed a show throughout the time we were having those inoculations.
At one place we went to, there were three of us in the digs - myself, Norma and Julie, the pianist - and we were due to have an inoculation in the afternoon. The landlady said 'I know you girls are going overseas and that you're having an inoculation this afternoon. Go and get it done and when you come back, have a couple of hours' sleep and I'll bring you a cup of tea at 4 o'clock, in time for you to get down to the theatre.' We said 'Oh we don't go to bed in the afternoon', but she insisted; she was looking after us really.
We felt we had to do as we were told and we went to bed and lay there thinking, 'This is stupid, wasting time. We're all right.' A few minutes later, Norma said to me 'Cor it's hot in here', and when I looked at her, her face was red, her hands were red, and she was

The Ivy Benson band at the New Brighton Theatre.

burning hot. 'Ooh', she said, 'aren't you hot?' I said I wasn't, but she said 'Well, I don't know what's the matter with me, but I am.' Within a few minutes, my face went red and I was really hot, and the next thing the door opened and a big red face came round the corner; it was Julie. She said 'Phew, are you girls all right? I'm so hot', and I said 'No, I don't think we are. I think the landlady must have known a thing or two.'
Julie came in and the three of us were in one bed and the next moment our teeth were chattering and we were cold. We saw the funny side of it and started giggling and laughing about it. We kept going from freezing cold to burning hot and then freezing cold again, and then our legs became very sore.
We had to catch a tram to go down to the theatre, and we couldn't walk up the steps to get onto it. The conductor said to us 'Oh yes, you've been having jabs haven't you? You're going overseas aren't you?' and people got hold of us and pulled us up the steps onto the tram, and then they had to help us get off.
There was a little lane down to the stage door at the theatre and the girls were going down it two or three at a time, saying 'Mind my leg! Mind my leg! Don't touch me!' We were all the same, but we saw the funny side of it and everybody was holding their legs and laughing, saying 'You know, this is not only blooming uncomfortable, but it's very funny.'

The drummer and I were up on a rostrum on the stage for the show and we couldn't climb up onto it. I had to lift my bass up there and I couldn't do it, so one stagehand took it up there for me and stood with it while another one lifted me up there. The drummer was the same: she couldn't climb up either. But we did the show and then we had to wait for the stagehands to come and lift us down again. Our legs were really awful.