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Photos for Elsie's first passport.


Chapter 7

'Meet the Girls'

Jack Hylton booked a show called 'Meet the Girls', which was the first all-female show - all the men had been called up. Hilda Baker was in it many a time. She was very funny, but she was nearly always drunk and she used to fall down in the middle of her act. She'd go into the audience - they were all men in uniform - and she'd sit on someone's knee.

They thought she was wonderful. But I'm sure she didn't know what she was doing half the time and she'd fall off the man's knee. We used to scream with laughter and say 'Ooh Hilda Baker! She'll do herself an injury one of these days', and I think she did.

The show was broadcast once or twice; it was very popular and we did it in theatres and all the summer camps, in Wales, in Caerphilly, in the Isle of Man and in the south. We'd go to places we'd never normally go to and play for a week.