Excerpts from Elsie Fords book

" A Life of Music "

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We would like to express our appreciation to Elsie Ford and her daughter Ann for their kind permission in using selected sections from her book.

Elsie, who is in excellent health, aged 91 and living in the South West, played Double Bass with the Ivy Benson All Girls Band from 1939 to 1946.

The details which Elsie has provided are unique, and will, I am sure, provide visitors to this site with a great deal of enjoyment.


Brian Ravenhill


Also, many thanks to Jane Smith from the publishers of the book, Personal Heritage Publications, who provided the text and photographs, ready prepared, saving me many hours of " two fingered typing".

Personal Heritage Publications was set up to write people's life stories for them from recorded interviews and to provide them with professionally printed books to give to their families and friends, and to pass on to future generations. The company also offers a range of writing, editing and production services.

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